West Park Elementary

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year. We are looking forward to every student making academic progress and each becoming a better student today than they were yesterday.

We will work for each student to become a quality self-learner as they become:

a better writer,

a better reader,

a better thinker,  and

a better person.

West Park Elementary is 129 years old and continues to serve the community children with diversity that is traditionally strong to the region and strong for supporting family values.

The West Park Elementary staff pushes forward to meet the standards set forth by the state of California by presenting academic standards, checking for understanding, re-teaching those areas that are not assessed well, and differentiating the curriculum for students that require support in advancing their learning or working to catch-up.

As we work with each family and each child; we will demonstrate a common goal that each child attending West Park works to be

A student first,

A responsible citizen, and

A caring friend,

The school is one aspect of the community where we can work together to open doors for a better future and for advancing opportunities that each student can walk away remembering as a foundation to their learning. We are proud of each and every person associated with West Park and we would like to carry that tradition forward with each family in mind.

Let’s work together to make this a GREAT school year!!!!!


R-G Vigil



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