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On Monday June 29, 2015 we lost Estela Blanco, a West Park Teacher, to cancer.

She was admitted last week to Fresno Community and "passed over" last night.

Estela Dominguez-Blanco
August 5, 1958 - June 29, 2015 (56 Years old)

Taught for 16 years at West Park Elementary.

 Estela had a Multiple Subject Credential, two Master's Degrees (Math and Education) and acquired a preliminary administrative credential during her time as a teacher.

She was a professional in every sense of the word.  She prided herself in her love of family and on the progress of students, and encouraged all people to act respectfully. Estela had a great sense of humor, great insight to implementing instructional strategies, understood the dynamics of the impact education can make on young people's lives.  She was nurturing to those who sought to do better and inspired many students to achieve.  She was a strong role model for many young teachers and always found time to assist anyone who was struggling. She demonstrated leadership from her position as a teacher; as any administrator knows that role is invaluable to a staff. She was a tremendous person in life.

Estela was an accomplished Latina Educator and made no fanfare about it.  She spoke very little of her education but humbly demonstrated its power in the classroom and among her colleagues.

Her battle with her illness was an example of her persistence to forge ahead to meet her goals without complaining; for it was within the last week of her life that she yielded to the pain associated with cancer.  Very few people realized the late stage of her suffering was at hand. This was an example of how she demonstrated her commitment and refused to burden others with her personal maladies.

We will sorely miss Estela, a friend, a colleague, a mentor, a leader, and most highly recognized as a West Park teacher.

We, at West Park ESD, are personally honored to have known and worked with Estela Dominguez-Blanco.


R-G. Vigil


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