• November 15-19
    Spelling Words for this week:
    1.  my          6. shop
    2. put           7. dish
    3.  pull         8. which
    4. that          9. after
    5. this         10. new
    Practice! Practice!  I only had 3 super spellers this past week.  Look for patterns:  sh, ch, wh.  Break words up into syllables:  af - ter (well, that's the only multisyllabic word for the week).
    Read decodable books:
    #53 - Kim's Trip (remember...the ending "ed" makes three sounds - /t/, /d/, and /ed/)
    #54 - Hank the Crank (this book is about the "ank" family.  It is also a great book to "infer" what was going to be Hank's fate at Mark's Market.)
    #55 - Quinn's Pond (this book is about our shyest letter in the alphabet..."Q"!  The letter "q" is so shy that he takes his buddy "u" along with him.  /kw/ spelled "qu"
    #56 - The Stand
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  See you in a week!
    November 8-10
    Due to the Veteran's Day Holiday and staff training day next week we have decided to send the weekly homework home early.  This will give your child extra time to comoplete his'her work and practice spelling words.  The test will be given on Wednesday. 
    Spelling Words for this week:
    1.  sing      6. bank
    2. ring       7. tank
    3. wing      8. pink
    4. song      9. what
    5. long      10. old
    Dictation Sentence:
    Fill the gas tank in the van.
    Read Open Court Decodable Books:  Chirp and Scat, Little Pat, and Just a Nickel
    Remember to read to at least 5 people and sign the log sheet.
    Homework is due Wednesday.
    November 1-5
    Practice spelling words.  The test will be given on Friday.
    Spelling Words for this week:
    1. me         6.  fizz
    2. you      7. fill
    3. pass     8. hill
    4. kiss     9. doll
    5. miss    10. off
    Dictation Sentence:
    Will you miss it?
    Read:  The Whiz, Garden Sisters, Whir and Stir, A Blur with Fur (Open Court decodable books) to at leat 5 people this week.
    Read at least 20 minutes per day and log the story and time on your weely reading sheet.  Parents please sign the log sheet!
    Complete the homework packet. The packet is due Friday.
Last Modified on November 10, 2010