• Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

     I would like to welcome you to West Park Charter Academy!  I hope that you have had a restful and enjoyable summer vacation.  Whether you are new to the program or a continuing student, I look forward to working with you and ensuring your academic success for the 2019-2020 school year and beyond.    

     The West Park Charter Academy team is honored to be sharing this educational journey with you.  You can expect for us to be professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and dedicated in helping you achieve your educational goals.  Whether you are pursuing a college degree or a career when you have graduated, West Park Charter Academy staff will continue its reputation of working tirelessly to ensure that you are successful.  WPCA staff will support you each step of the way.  However, true success can only be realized through hard work, commitment, and respect on your part. 

    The teachers at West Park Charter Academy are excited to be working with each student in order to maximize their individual potential.  We hope that in being a student at West Park Charter Academy, you will accept the responsibility of being a lifelong learner.  As American educational reformer John Dewey said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”  Simply stated, we have the innate ability to learn each and every day, and in every situation.  Let us change our lives (and of those around us) by making the commitment of being lifelong learners.  By working together we can make this a reality.

     Once again, I would like to welcome you to the 2019-20 school year.  Should you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (559) 485-0727.




    Ramiro Elizondo



    West Park Charter Academy



    Mission Statement

    West Park Charter Academy



    West Park Charter Academy offers alternative learning opportunities for students who want to work outside of the traditional school setting. We focus on personalized strategies, rigorous standards, college and career readiness, and outcomes relevant to the student. West Park Charter Academy challenges and inspires students to succeed academically and to be responsible citizens.

    Vision: “Looking to the future


    As graduates of the West Park Charter Academy program, students will be competent in technology, will have achieved high levels of academics, and will be effective communicators. In addition, students will develop attainable future goals and become responsible productive citizens who make positive contributions to society.  


    West Park Charter Academy

     Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs)
    Competent Users of Technology
    • Utilize technology as a tool for learning, communicating, and conducting research 
    • Use technology to access, manipulate, and produce information
                         Measurable Indicators can Include:
                                     -Microsoft Office, including Word and/or PowerPoint
                                     -Research papers and essays done in MLA format
                                     -Typing test (skills: 25-30 wpm, correct form)
    Academic Achievers
    • Act responsibly, honestly, and ethically
    • Are self-directed learners
    • Are knowledgeable  and prepared to be successful in life beyond graduation
                        Measurable Indicators can Include:
                                     -Completion of Senior Portfolio
                                     -Report of Missing Appointments/Assignments (RMA's)
                                     -Completion of courses 
                                     -GPA: 2.0 or above
    Responsible Citizens
    •  Follow the rules of the school
    • Show respect for self and others
    • Demonstrate personal responsibility and integrity 
                         Measurable Indicators can Include:
                                       -Attendance to labs and weekly appointments
                                       -Completion of graduation requirements
                                       -Dress code/rules
                                       -Assigned work completed each week
    Effective Communicators
    •  Collaborate, work effectively, and manage interpersonal relationships within diverse groups and settings
    • Demonstrate skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing for different purposes and in a variety of situations
                           Measurable Indicators can Include:
                                         -Balancing school with jobs, community activities, and family
                                         -Oral and written reports/presentations including question and
                                           answer periods
                                         -Completion of grade-level English requirements
                                         -Following verbal and written instructions 


    Teachers/Counselors/Support Staff at WPCA:

    -are dedicated to making a difference in students’ education

    -believe that each student has unlimited potential

    -inspire students to think critically

    -use constructive feedback and strategies to improve learning

    -are prepared for the unique challenges and opportunities of a Charter Academy

    -participate in staff development and collaborate

    -provide frequent contact with students and parents

    -are willing to set a schedule for frequency of meetings (discuss with your Independent Study Teacher)

    - accurately assess student progress

    -are dedicated to making sure students are college and career ready