Welcome to our West Park community.  We are advancing our communications 
    through our mobile applications and are seeking for everyone to enter into a 
    commitment to engage students with a positive learning experience.  We are a 
    diverse school with many cultures in attendance; and we are appreciative of the 
    sharing and learning that takes place among all people. 
    West Park Elementary enters this year (2016) supporting student engagement and 
    parent participation through technology.  When I see our families with their 
    children I am inspired for the future!!  When I see the faces of our teachers and staff,  I see the builders of that future!!
    West Park Elementary School is over 130 years old; established in 1885.  There is a 
    tradition of community support and pride that comes with our families welcoming and supporting one another.
    West Park Charter Academy is a K-12 independent study program sponsored by the 
    West Park Board of Trustees.  We serve approximately 290 students and will be 
    growing.  The charter school is the 44th California Charter established in 1994.  
    West Park Elementary School is a great place to learn, to grow, and to make good 
    friends.  Thank you to all who contribute to the students and families of West Park 
    Elementary School.
    My personal “Gratitude” to our West Park community as they carry forward the 
    respect, the determination of hard work, and the caring for others that is celebrated 
    with West Park pride.  I encourage you to access, review and share our new website 
    as it continually develops for your convenience.
    R-G Vigil