•                                                          Prepared & Responsible

                      Act Safely
                      Work Together
                      Show Respect 
    This year, West Park launched a framework known as PBIS or Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. PBIS is a systems approach to creating a positive school environment that supports and fosters the social and academic success of ALL students. Specifically, this framework provides opportunities for students to learn valuable skills that promote personal responsibility and good character.

    At West Park Elementary, we refer to PBIS as P.A.W.S., in which each letter represents a different behavior expectation that students and staff are to demonstrate in all settings across school campus. Students are being taught these expectations, as well as what their behavior should look like in each setting of school. As students practice and learn these expectations they are reinforced through a system of rewards. Inappropriate behaviors are proactively corrected with approaches that involve teaching skills and modeling expected behavior as opposed to reactionary or punitive measures.