• March 24, 2020


    Hello All West Park Elementary Staff:


    I hope everyone is doing well during this time of uncertainty. We have been fortunate to have volunteers assisting with food packaging/delivery and academic packages.  The recent presentation from the state of California CDE encourages us to maintain the guiding principles of what’s best for students.  I encourage those who are able to let us know your availability to assist us in these operational efforts.


    As we look at the weeks ahead, we will be functioning outside of the classroom.


    The expectations that we are putting forward are three-fold:


    1 - Teachers will be expected to prepare lessons and packets.  The district did a courtesy in preparing initial packets through Education.com. On-going collaboration with Mrs. Diaz is essential to this work.


    2 – Teachers have PLCs to continue in preparing for next year’s assessment and identifying the standards that will be focused on to be measured.  On-going collaboration with Mrs. Diaz is essential to this work.


    3 – For para-professionals, teachers and non-management employees who are quarantining and/ or working virtually, on-line certification through work site regulations and protocol provided through our liability insurance carrier are to be completed as assigned. This will be forth coming and you will have options on some of the topics.


    Optionally, a volunteer list is being made available to all employees for on site tasks; to run copies, to deliver food and packets, or to assist in packaging meals and school supplies.  Volunteering would be scheduled as a maximum of a two to four hour commitment if interested. Mr. Randolph has made a sign-up list available on line through Google docs.


    Employees will be allowed to come to site. Hand sanitation and cleaner will be available.

    Employees will be vetted for health if suspected illness – noninvasive temperature check.  If there is a health concern, we would require that the individual return home.

    Social distancing is a practiced expectation when at site; (no gathering of ten people and six foot spacing between individuals) – as practicality allows.


    I hope this information provides direction for the next two weeks.  Please feel free to call Ms. Diaz, Learning Director, regarding submittals. 


    Stay safe, watch your health, drink plenty of water, use masks as needed, wash hands regularly, and practice social distancing.




    R-G Vigil

    WPESD, Superintendent