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FAQ's Regarding West Park Elementary 2020-2021 School Year

1 - Are there safety protocols put in place before entering the school such as temperature checks? Question survey if anyone at home is sick?

Yes.   A table at the entrance of the school will be in place and temperatures    will be taken and questions regarding COVID-19 exposure will be asked.

2 - Will there be a school nurse on site checking students and staff?

West Park contracts with a nurse from (FCSS) Fresno County Superintendent of Schools.  We are provided training and follow protocols for checking temperatures for fevers and conditions of coughing and sneezing. Non-contact electronic thermometers are used.

3 - If a student has a cough or flu like symptoms will they be isolated and parents called for a send home?

Yes. The child will be separated from others and parents will be contacted to have their child at home.

4 - How often will areas be sanitized?

All public transition areas are sanitized regularly throughout the day.  Classrooms will receive a minimum of three sanitary applications during operations. We will be encouraging all personnel and students to practice cleanliness regarding their workspace. Wipes and sanitation products will be provided.

5 - What happens if a student or teacher or staff member gets COVID-19 will entire class be quarantined? For how long? How long until parents are notified if this happens?

We do not test for COVID-19.

If it is reported that a student, staff, or teacher is positive for COVID-19, we will take the appropriate quarantine measures communicated through the Fresno Department of Public Health. Guidance from the Fresno Department of Public Health will also determine the level of quarantine required. The current required quarantine time for a positive detection is fourteen days.

 If in doubt, we will take a conservative approach.

As in all cases, parents of students will be immediately notified regarding exposure.

6 - How will masks be enforced?

We will guide students on the use of masks; we are not seeking consequences.  If a student is within six feet of another they will be expected to use their mask.  If they forget, we will guide them with a reminder.  If there is a medical condition of the student, then a doctor’s note needs to be in place; and we will work to instill accommodations.

Masks will be provided to students if they do not have one.

7 - Can students have hand sanitizer from home? Are we checking school brands for recalls?

At this time, we will allow it.  The student is not allowed to share their hand sanitizer with others not from their household.

8 - How will lunches be handled?

Our school meals will be handled as follows.

Breakfast will be delivered to all classrooms. 

Kinder through second grade will have their lunches delivered to the classrooms.

Third through Eighth grade will pick their lunches up in the cafeteria and return to the classroom to eat.

Students will not be eating in the cafeteria.

On Mondays, all families will be able to pick-up three days of lunches and breakfast for the days students are learning at home.

9 - How will “breaks” (recess) be handled? Socialization?

We will monitor the grounds for social distancing, mask wearing etc.  Students will be expected to wash their hands during these times.  We will also encourage bathroom use allowing no more than three students in a restroom at a time.

10 - How many students will be in class?

Although the room sizes may vary; fourteen students can be accommodated in a classroom with proper social distancing.

11 - How will transportation happen? Multiple routes? Skip each seat?

We are currently working with Southwest transportation to finalize our busing.  We anticipate that we will be able to keep household group clustered together to allow more students being transported.  We will ask parents to assist in the social distancing t the stops. 

The bus driver will be checking student temperatures prior to getting on the bus.

Students will require to have masks to board the bus.  Masks will be provided.

12 - Will school hours remain the same or be lessened?

Days of attendance will be ½ days (8:00a.m. to 1:30 p.m.)

13 - Is there any online or secondary option for learning for the parents who don’t feel comfortable sending children into school?

Options will be made available for Extended Home Learning.  Packets will be provided.  If On-line infrastructure is available, we will assist in providing devices once the student and parent complete a digital citizenship responsibility and sign a responsibility of electronic use agreement

14 - What will the school day look like? How many people will students come into contact with from start to finish?

The number of persons a student will come in contact with during a school day is undeterminable  - yet estimated by classmates, teachers, and support staff; all of whom will be vetted for illness symptoms.  Visitors/volunteers will not be allowed into the classrooms or student areas during school hours; this will help mitigate undetected exposure.

15 - Will there be more communication due to this virus?

We will continue doing our best in providing updates and postings regarding our 2020-2021 school year as it relates to adjusting for the pandemic (COVID-19 virus).  We understand the concerns facing our students’ education, health, and safety.


We welcome suggestions that can improve our overall effort.


Thank you.