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Superintendent's Message

     Greetings West Park Wolfpack Family!  The school year is in full swing and students are engaged in learning and positive extracurricular activities.  I thoroughly appreciate the efforts our staff is making towards providing students with high rigor, high relevance instruction that will help them become better prepared, both academically and socially.  The primary instructional strategy being utilized in West Park E.S.D. is called Explicit Direct Instruction (E.D.I.).  In E.D.I., teachers have a strong focus on standards based instruction where lesson objectives are clearly set and shared with students.  There is strong emphasis on modeling expected behaviors by teachers.  Teachers conduct guided practice in which students follow teacher’s lead closely in problem solving and mastering curricular concepts before transitioning to independent practice.  During Independent Practice, students are encouraged by their teachers to show their knowledge of lesson concepts that have been taught and modeled to them.  Throughout instruction, teachers conduct constant checks for understanding (C.F.U.).  Using randomization strategies in order to keep all students engaged, teachers C.F.U. to make sure students are understanding what is being taught to them.  This allows teachers to gauge areas in which students may need support or re-teaching. If followed correctly, E.D.I. strategies can certainly be a powerful tool in helping students achieve academic success.
     As Superintendent of West Park Elementary School District, I am committed to providing our students with high quality instruction and the best interventions/support we can obtain for them.  My goal is to equip students and staff with the 21st century technology that will help our students be prepared for competitive college and career options.  We will be working to update all technology on campus and provide classrooms with the necessary technological support the teachers need to help students thrive.  Students will continue to have access to up to date core curriculum, as well as supplemental materials that will help them work towards mastering subject matter content.
     Lastly, creating and sustaining the optimal educational environment is a primary goal of West Park E.S.D..  Safety in our district is paramount!  The goal is to provide a safe and rich school experience that promotes productivity.  I believe that a school district should meet the needs of students.  If basic needs are in place in a school district, the likelihood of students achieving academically and socially are drastically increased.  Simply put, students who feel safe, welcome, cared for, and loved will flourish!  That’s my goal as your Superintendent, to help optimize the potential of students and the community as a whole!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you.  My staff and I will work diligently to help students realize their full potential as determined intellectuals and productive citizens!

Dr. Brian Clark
West Park Elementary School District
dr. brian clark headshot