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Enroll Your Students


We're thrilled that you've chosen West Park Charter Academy for your student's journey in Independent Study.  Here is a brief outline of the enrollment process:
person signing paper
  • Application Packet - This packet is available at all of our Learning Center locations as well as the Main Office. The parent or legal guardian of the student is required to complete, sign, and turn in the Application Packet.  You may also download the application packet by clicking here and print it out at home.  
  • Registration & Orientation Session - Once the office has processed your Application Packet, you will be contacted and informed of your student's Registration & Orientation Session.  A parent/legal guardian is required to attend this session with their student, unless the student is 18 years of age.
  • Teacher Assignment - Students who successfully complete all Registration & Orientation requirements will be assigned an Independent Study Teacher.  Your teacher will contact you by phone approximately 1 week after your Registration & Orientation Session to set up your first school appointment.