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What is Independent Study?            
Independent Study is an alternative educational opportunity available to students through California's public school system. West Park Charter Academy is a FREE public school available to students who live in Fresno County and its neighboring counties.  
At West Park Charter Academy, students meet with their Independent Study Teacher every week, for at least one hour. Science labs, Algebra & Geometry classes, art classes, and/or Spanish classes may require students to attend additional days in a classroom setting.  The majority of the students' work is completed at home, on their own.  Independent Study requires students to be focused, committed, and self-directed learners.
My child struggles in school.  Can she still be a part of Independent Study at WPCA?
YES!  Students are assessed during their initial appointment with her/his teacher in Reading and Math.  These assessment results provide valuable information; the student, parent, teacher, and counselor can then customize a course schedule to fit the student's needs.  With pre-assessment information, teachers are able to deliver individualized, personalized instruction during their weekly appointments with the student.  And in our comfortable, one-on-one setting, students feel more secure and will speak up when they need additional help, without the fear of ridicule or embarrassment in front of their peers.  
My child is behind on his high school credits.  Can he "catch up" at WPCA and then return to his school of residence to graduate with his classmates?
If a student is willing to work hard, nothing is impossible!  Motivated students can not only make progress on their grade-level courses, but can also take additional courses that they are lacking from previous grade levels. 
It is important to remember that every student's situation is unique.  We will sit down with a student and her/his parents to look at the earned course credits, and then custom-tailor an educational plan to fit their needs, whether that is to return to the school of residence or stay at West Park Charter Academy and graduate with us!  
How many credits are required for high school graduation?                                                                                      
West Park Charter Academy requires 220 credits for graduation.  Upon enrolling at West Park Charter Academy, your student's Academic Counselor will review your student's transcripts and complete an official credit evaluation form.
My daughter is "on-track" at her current school, but she is bored and wants more of a challenge.  Is Independent Study a good choice for her?
It may be!  Students who have a history of academic readiness, a strong work ethic, and are committed to their education can complete courses faster in an Independent Study program, thus being able to graduate high school earlier than in a traditional school setting.  If this is something your student is interested in, please be sure to discuss it with the staff at the Orientation/Registration appointment.  It is important to start this conversation early with the staff and the Independent Study Teacher so we can determine if an accelerated program is the right fit for your child.
How do I enroll my child at West Park Charter Academy?       
For enrollment information, please contact the learning center in which you would like to enroll your student.