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Rewards and Consequences

 -PAW Pride Tickets for Prize Raffles
-PAW Points
-Student Store
-Classroom Helper/jobs
-Good Behavior Activities
-No Tardy Parties
-Dance to favorite music in the classroom
-Do half an assignment
-Choose music for the class to hear
-Earn extra computer time
-Earn extra credit
-Get a “no homework pass”
-pick a game at recess that everyone plays
-Extra recess time
-other reward
 -PAWS & Reflect Form
-Write an apology letter
-Loss of AM/PM Recess
-Campus Beautification
-Items confiscated
-Write a 300 word essay or 30 sentences
-15 minutes lunch detention
-Behavior/Academic Academy
-Inappropriate Language Worksheet
-In-school/in-home suspension with applied consequences
-other consequence